Privacy Policy

Collection and Use of Personal Information

skywind and the products marketed or supplied by skywind (ex. BBase-Chess, EarthMeter, SkyLogger, SkyLoggerXXL and SkyKick, successively called the applications) collect or use by themselves no personal information.

Collection and Use of Non-Personal Information

skywind and the applications process and collect data, that does not on its own permit direct association with a specific individual nor the identification of a person. User names or passwords are used solely for internal purposes. User passwords are stored encoded and cannot be decrypted by the processing party. Other data can be used, published or transfered by skywind or the applications. Examples (not neccessarily complete) are shown below: The entered waypoint data can be transferred on request by their typist to the SkyView-server. The data is published on skywind's website or can be requested and transferred to the applications by other users of the applications. Pilot names, aircrafts, age, location data and other similar information for the creation of a track in the flight database are stored and processed locally on the data collecting device. Only the active distribution to other servers or media by the user of the applications publishes the data. For the submittance of the data to other servers or services the applications may store locally the neccessary data to connect to the server or service. Other data, for example personally entered airspace data for which no explicit export or transmission functionality is available are only stored locally on the applications' devices. They are not transmitted nor published.

Protection of Personal Data

In case you are exporting or transferring data to other servers or services by using the applications other user may obtain access to the data and can be used by them. You are responsible for these personal information.

Questions about Privacy Policy

If you have questions concerning skywind's privacy policy you can contact us via our website.

skywind may update the privacy policy at any time if we deem it to be neccessary. The privacy policy in force is published on skywind's website.