BBase-Chess stores all its data in a specially designed database. This database is designed to retrieve the contained data quickly. Also, or especially when complicated filters or search criteria are used. Although, sometimes it is necessary to scan the complete database sequentially leading to longer response times than usual.

To access the data efficiently, not only the data itself but some additional data structures are used. This results in a higher device memory consumption than for what is required for the data itself. On the other hand multiple used data, like person or event data related to several games are only stored once and then linked to their corresponding games. This has not only the advantage of saving memory footprint but also guarantees that changes in the data of a person are applied to all games the person is linked to.

In the commercial version the number of games in a database is only limited by the available space on the device. Nevertheless, large databases with hundred thousands or more games may take some time to create and may also slow down the data retrieval. Therefore, it might be more efficient to make use of multiple databases instead of one huge one that pre-group the games in a manner meaningful to you.

As a database is the core of the app, a database should be selected after BBase-Chess has started. When BBase-Chess starts for the first time, the view allowing to select, create or import databases is automatically opened. When a database is already open, you can always switch to another database by going back to the menu and touching the row with the name of the current database. This will re-open the view for database selection.