Games table

All (filtered) games are listed in the games table. The order of the list can be freely chosen in the preferences. By default the games are ordered by date in descending order. Also the visible columns can be selected by touching the "preferences-symbol" in the navigation bar.

If an element in a row is touched the whole row is being selected. The selected game will also be shown in the notation view. Additionally, the game can be copied, moved or deleted by touching the action button in the lower toolbar. A further in the same row deselects the selection. If an element in another row is touched, the original row is being deselected before the new row is being selected.

If an element in a row is being touched with two fingers, the newly selected row is being selected together with the previously selected row(s). In case the touch is hold and the two fingers are moved up- or downwards multiple rows can be selected simultaneously. If necessary the table's content is moved up- or downwards. Again, the selection is deselected by touching with one finger one of the selected rows.

If one or more rows are selected at the same time, the notation view is cleared. Nevertheless, copy, move or delete operations can be performed on all selected games.

By touching a column header the complete column is being selected and a sizer appears above the column header. By moving the size the width of the column can be adjusted. The column width can be chosen by moving the sizer for each visualization mode of the iPhone or iPad - regular or compact. An additional touch of the column header deselects the column again.