All events in the database are shown in an indexed table. By default they are sorted by event's name, section and stage. The ordering can be changed by touching the "preferences"-symbol in the navigation bar.

Events are automatically added when games are imported. BBase-Chess ensures that the same event (identified by the name of the event) is only added once. To add a new event manually, the "add"-symbol should be touched. To modifiy or delete the event's data touch the "information"-symbol and afterwards the "detail"-button in the navigation bar, respectively the "trash"-symbol in the lower toolbar.

Attention: If an event is deleted, the event is deleted from all relevant games at once!

By using the search bar events can be filtered. Only characters and the "*" (asterik) sign can be used for the search. If a complete name has been entered, only those events are displayed that contain the name in their name. If a "*" is appended at the end of the entered characters, all events are listed whose name begins or has name components beginning with the characters before the "*", (e.g. "Lo*" will find events containing London or Lodz).

To see more details about the event and also a result table of all games in the event, touch the "information"-symbol of the respective event.