Database Selection

In the database view all existing databases in the app's document folder are shown. Besides mentioning the names the actual number of contained games and players are shown for convenience. It may take a short while till these numbers are updated.

The magnifying glass in the database symbol indicates that position indices exist in the database. If there are no position indices in the database, the magnifying glass symbol is not shown.

At the very first beginning no databases exist. Therefore, a new database should be created by touching the "add"-symbol in the navigation bar. A freely chosen name can be entered. The extension "bbdb" can be omitted as it will be automatically added if necessary.

Alternatively, if already databases exist, the "import"-symbol can be touched and a selection of various locations on the device or in the Cloud appears from which a database can be downloaded to the app's document folder.

By touching a database's row, the database is selected. If required, the database will first be updated before the game view appears.