Board view

The board view is one of the most important views. It does not only show a game's position but also allows to navigate through a game or move graph or assigning a position. Furthermore, the game mode and the view on the board can be changed by the toolbar.

The grey bars on top and bottom of the board allow to move and to resize the board. The board size is limited to some minimum and maximum values that depend on the size of the view in which the board view is contained (parent view).

The bars first try to resize the board. When either the minimum or maximum size of the board is reached, the board is moved, respectively the size is filled up. Examples: when the upper bar is moved down, the board is first shrinked. When the minimum board size is reached the board is moved downwards. When the lower bar is moved down, the board is first expanded. When the maximum board size is reached, the excessive space is filled out with an appropriate color.

Next to the board is - depending on the situation - a piece selector or toolbar shown. The position of the piece selector and the toolbar relative to the board (left or right side) can be changed in the board preferences. There, also the design of the board itself can be changed.

The piece selector is visible when a position is to be assigned on the board. In this case a piece from the piece selector can be dragged to a field on the board. To remove a piece from the board, the piece should be dragged to a location outside the board.

The toolbar is present when a navigation through a game or move graph is possible.