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SkyLoggerXXL becomes a universal app and can now be used on the iPhone and iPad!

When using SkyLoggerXXL on an iPhone full interaction with the Apple Watch is supported! In this case logging can be started and stopped from the Apple Watch. All major flight information are visualised on the display of the Apple Watch, like the current climb rate, ground speed, flying direction and the distance as well as the direction to next airspaces.

Furthermore, the new version supports two new external accessories:

  • SkyDrop from skybean (optional) and
  • Skywatch BL from JDC.

Both accessories can be connected using the Bluetooth LTE interface. Their sensors can be used for logging and data display instead of the built-in sensors.


Support of new map tile source and removal of no longer available third party tile sources. Furthermore, the display of 2D or 3D maps based on third party tile sources has been significantly improved.


This version introduces climb rate traces. Climb rate traces show the pilot's climb rates for a certain period of time visually on the map. Climbing is visualized by green points, sinking by red points. The size of the points represents the strength of the climb rate.

The filters for climb rate meter have been strongly improved making climb rate values less prone to inaccuracies.




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