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SkyLoggerXXL program for visualizing and storing flight data that is optimized for the iPad as well as for the iPhone. It offers new possibilties for tracking, visualizing and analyzing flights with an optimized and easy to use user interface:

  • support of the Apple Watch;
  • large and individually adaptable instruments on a moving map allow best viewing comfort;
  • 2D & 3D flight data visualization;
  • north or in flight direction orientation of moving map;
  • visualization of previously flown flights as track traces on moving map;
  • visualization of airspaces with user defined colors;
  • default flight parameters can be stored and retrieved to make flight information entering for competitions easier;
  • live tracking support for Leonardo or Vgps servers;
  • tracked flights are stored in highly efficient internal database;
  • SkyLoggerXXL supports common file formats like IGC, GPX and KML;
  • IGC files are OLC conform and can directly be sent after the flight to various OLC servers;
  • printing of flightbooks, flight information and statistics;
  • all diagrams, maps or charts can either be e-mailed or copied for incorporation into other apps;
  • integration of SkyView database;
  • support of external devices (for example FlyNet);
  • visualization of hotspots and location of thermals;
  • and much much more!




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