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SkyLoggerXXL is a program for creating, storing and analyzing flight data. The program is especially adapted for the usage by glider, hangglider and paraglider pilots.

SkyLoggerXXL obtains the geographic positions of the pilot during the flight and stores the data. Furthermore, the pilot has various instruments at his availability to see during the flight his current location, the elapsed time, the distance and direction to his next waypoint, his flying direction etc.If the pilot is connected to the internet during the flight he will additionally be shown a moving map, satellite image or a combination of both with his current location as the center point.

For competitions the pilot's and the aircraft's name, the aircraft's ID, the name of the competition and the flight's route determined by waypoints can be entered.

After finishing the flight, the stored geographic data together with the data for the competition is saved in an internal database. Besides pure flight data the flight can be stored in popular file formats like CSV, GPX, IGC and KML. The created files are stored on the iPad and can be sent to servers or other computers. The IGC data file is OLC compatible!

Live Tracking allows the iPad to send the pilot's current position data promptly to one or more servers during the flight. The server stores the data and eventually prepares them graphically. Other persons are then able to observe the flight nearly in real time on the internet.

SkyLoggerXXL can also be used as a flightbook that stores all flights and prints or outputs them if requested. Furthermore, flights from other pilots can be imported. This makes SkyLoggerXXL a powerful database!

All stored flights can be analyzed by various methods. The flights' main data like altitude, climb rate, ground speed or acceleration forces can be visualized. Or the selected flight can be shown together with other flights on a map. Statistics give a general overview about the achievements. Some of the data can even be feedback to the pilot during the flight giving him an idea about likely promising flight routes: one of the keywords is here track traces.







Live Tracking

Climb Rate Acoustics



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