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This page is used for flight logging and visualization.The main part of the page is occupied by a map (2D) or globe (3D) on which instruments are placed.

The middle of the map is always the current position. It does not matter whether the current location is visualized or not. On the map, respectively on the globe, the various Instruments are placed. Their position and size can be modified individually for each orientation of the iPad.Additionally, airspaces, waypoints and flight routes can be shown.

The iOS as well as third parties provide the data for the map. The map data from third parties (additional module required) can be used for 2D and 3D visualization. Furthermore, depending on the data supplier, the data can be saved on the iPad. This allows the visualization of maps or the globe even without an existing internet connection.

Data related to the flight itself, like the pilot's name, the aircraft or the flight route can also be entered from this page.

Flight tracking is initialized by touching a green start button. Logging starts when the pilot has left a previously defined radius from measured from the first logged location. After landing a red control has to be moved to the right to stop recording. The files of the flight are generated when the button Save is touched.

Flight logging also continues while SkyLoggerXXL is in the background. Or logging will be restarted if SkyLoggerXXL has been stopped for a short period of time.


Instrument layout (portrait)



Instrument layout (landscape)





Activated instrument

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