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Besides bug fixes this version implements an improved airspace indicator and uses as a default altitude instrument the built-in pressure sensor.

  • Improved airspace indicator: When being close to an airspace the airspace indicator visualises already the vertical height with respect to the airspace in flying direction. In the past the vertical height was only shown when being below, in or above an airspace.
  • Pressure sensor used by altimeter: the built-in pressure sensor (if available) is much more reliable in determining the altitude than a GPS sensor. Therefore, the pressure sensor becomes the default setting. This default setting can of course changed in the instrument’s settings.

PS: Uploading files via FTP will not be supported anymore in the next release!


The entry of individual variometer sounds has been improved.


Airspace indicator improvements

Now, the (optional) airspace indicator shows a negative height when being below an airspace and a positive height when being above an airspace.




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