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SkyKick has the ability besides downloading data from GPS devices to load and use data also from files. Some of these files may contain flight data but others may contain elevation data, topographic features (like borders, rivers, streets etc.), maps or pictures of the earth to name a few.

A lot of these data can be found on the internet. Sometimes their usage is free of charge, sometimes fees or licenses have to be paid, bought respectively. On this page a few sources are listed.

Please check by yourself suitability and terms of use for these data before using them! skywind only supplies these links for informational purposes.

Flight Data

DHV XC - flying contest from DHV

Leonardo - global flight database

World XC - official FAI world contest

XContest - world xcontest

Elevation Data

CGIAR-CSI - 90m resolution elevation data

NGDC - 1km resolution elevation data

Earth Pictures

GLCF - various satellite pictures (and elevation data)

NGA - b/w or colorized pictures

USGS - various satellite pictures (and elevation data)


Flight Data

Elevation Data

Earth Pictures



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