BBase-Chess is a powerful chess database application. It supports likewise iPhones and iPads.

Chess games can either be manually entered, imported from files by using the popular portable game notation format (PNG) or copied from other BBase-Chess databases. In the commercial version the number of games per database is limited by the amount of available storage space on the device. The free version limits the number of games per database to 50 games. The number of stored players, events or other data are in either case only limited by the available storage space.

Besides storing the games the database also allows to store detailed data about players, like ratings, images, notes etc. The same holds for events.

The database is optimized to quickly retrieve games or other information by powerful filters. All variations together with their result statistics from the current board's position can be shown by just one touch on the toolbar. The same holds for a notation view that visualizes the next and further variations in a table like manner. Classification schemes, like the well known ECO or NIC schemes (personal classification schemes are as well supported), can be used to automatically classify games.

Furthermore, BBase-Chess can visualize the performance statistics of a player per color or in total. Or the player's performance can be evaluated per classification code. BBase-Chess also generates automatically result tables on demand for each event.